Teen Leadership Council

We’re energized by and firmly believe that youth are the best source of game-changing solutions. That's why we turn to these amazing young leaders for guidance, inspiration, and hope.

Victoria Hansen | Teen Leadership HeadSh

Victoria Hansen

Victoria Hansen is a senior at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, but a resident of San Francisco, CA. As a member of the Common Sense Media Teen Council, she first heard about Look Up in a presentation by Juliet Gildehaus about the Look Up Challenge. Inspired by Juliet’s passion for digital wellness at her own boarding school, Victoria was eager to help bring conversation and awareness about tech/life balance into her own communities and show other teens that they too can embrace digital wellbeing. 

Celine Bernhardt-Lanier | Teen Leadershi

Celine Bernhardt-Lanier

Celine Bernhardt-Lanier is Franco-American and a rising high school junior. She is the founder of iConnect, a venture aiming to solve the issue of phone dependency in teenagers. Through iConnect, she builds healthier communities through digital wellness, mindfulness practices, and face-to-face relationships. As an ambassador on the Advisory Board of the Children Screen Time Action Network, she hopes to spark a movement to engage youth to tackle the negative effects of digital dependencies, create more balance, and celebrate our shared human connection.

Sophie Eng

Sophie Eng is a junior in northern California and has been involved in LookUp for three years. She co-founded the first high school tech mindfulness club. This club spearheaded “LookUp Challenges” at the high school level and is now focused on unification against screen addiction. Sophie is currently working on her Girl Scout Gold Award with LookUp.live. She is helping expand its accessibility to schools across the country with more widely available resources.

Sophie Eng | Teen Leadership HeadShots.j

Haydn Wolfers

Haydn Wolfers is a co-founder of the first high school LookUp Club called the Mindhood Club. The Mindhood Club has organized Lookup Challenges that encourage students to take a break from their phones and learn how to develop a better relationship with technology. Haydn is also working on a Girl Scout Gold Award project. She is visiting 5th grade classes to teach about digital wellness and tech/life balance. She plans to share more information by making a website and video. 

Haydn Wolfers | Teen Leadership HeadShot
Aliza Kopans | Teen Leadership HeadShots

Aliza Kopans

A high school senior from Boston, Aliza Kopans brings her goal of digital balance for all to LookUp.Live's Teen Leadership Council. Also a youth voice on Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood's Action Network Advisory Board, Aliza is passionate about facilitating healthy screen-time conversations that lead to spaces where people choose to LookUp. In her free time, Aliza loves making art, taking spontaneous road trips, and exploring the great outdoors.

Liam Brown | Teen Leadership HeadShots.j

Liam Brown

Liam Brown is a sophomore at Phillips Exeter Academy, and works with LookUp as a web developer and member of the Teen Leadership Council. His goal is to pursue a career in software development, a field where tech-life balance is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His other interests include problem solving (though debugging tests his patience), puzzles, and hiking the White Mountains."

Alexa Gwyn

Alexa Gwyn is a senior at Palo Alto High School in the heart of Silicon Valley, California and brings her experiences and youth perspective to the LookUp Teen Leadership Council. Through seeing first hand how technology affects young people, she got involved with Headstream’s Youth 2 Innovator program during quarantine, helping create richer and more meaningful digital experiences for youth. She also advised Limbix on their new Spark app, providing CBT to teens with depression. As a part of her high school’s Social Justice Pathway, Alexa works toward building anti-racist values across all platforms, on and offline, in order to give BIPOC youth a voice. Alexa’s other interests include backpacking, surfing, molecular biology, reading, and playing the saxophone/singing for her band.

Alexa Gwyn | Teen Leadership HeadShots.j

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