What to Expect During the Virtual Campus StartUp Competition Process


One member of the team must register in order to be eligible for the grant competition. Don't worry if your team is not fully in place. Just make sure you let us know that you are committed to submitting an application.  To learn more, be sure to attend one of the virtual information sessions.

Registration is required in order to receive the Virtual Campus Competiton Guidelines.


LookUp will only accept Applications online from our Virtual Campus applicants during the open application window. 


You will be required to submit a thoughtful Concept Brief Support. Supporting materials (e.g. 2-minute pitch videos, mock-ups, storyboards, designs, scripts) are strongly encouraged. 


An informed group of judges will review and evaluate all proposals using the following criteria:

  • Responsiveness: How well your idea addressed the problem. And don’t worry - we don’t expect unicorns or silver bullets. 

  • Unique Approach - They’ll also be looking to see how unique your solution is in the space. We strongly prefer that to be the case. If not, how is your solution a dramatic improvement over existing solutions that are similar?

  • Execution Plan – Have you demonstrated that you have taken the time to think through how your idea can be executed and the resources you will need to succeed.

  • Team: How passionate is your team about solving the problem and have you identified the skills needed for your idea to succeed.


Based on the judges' scoring matrix, top applicants will be invited and required to give a 20-minute oral presentation via Zoom to a panel of LookUp judges.  


If your idea is selected, the winning applicant will embark on a six-month journey as a LookUp Social Innovator. You will be introduced to and supported by an Executive Mentor, your peer grant winners, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and youth change agents. Together we are creating a social movement that inspires youth to reverse the negative effects of digital overload and embraces the joy of simply being human.


LookUp firmly believes in the power of collaboration, which is why our winning teams attend the LookUp Collaborative Summit.  As a new member of the LookUp community, this is a fantastic opportunity to bond with your peer Innovators, Mentors, entrepreneurs, social innovators, and industry leaders.  

In order to keep the LookUp Community Safe, the 2021 Summit will be held virtually on January 9, 2021.


LookUp’s Innovators are a vital part of our global community and automatically become members of the LookUp Leadership Lab. During your project’s cultivation period, your team will work 1:1 with an Executive Mentor to further develop or refine your StartUp concept. You will also be coached by global leadership experts, each committed to helping you develop the vital leadership skills needed to truly effect social change.    


Being part of the LookUp Lab does not preclude participation and or development of winning concepts in your school’s entrepreneurial or design programs as well. In fact, we encourage it!

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