Our society is becoming more and more tech-dependent, and it's backfiring.

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We are looking for exceptional Social Innovators and risk-takers - those willing to design solutions for social isolation, digital overload, and digital activism.  

Winning Opportunities for Winning Ideas 

Call for Solutions

Digital Activism

​We can now use digital tools to make a change more effectively than ever. Improving the world around us can start right at our fingertips.

Digital Overload

Digital overload occurs when trying to process too much information online, leading to increased stress, sleep problems, and health issues.

Social Isolation

​Nearly 60% of students aged 10-20 reported having no one to turn to with their emotional and mental health problems in a recent study.

Ethical Tech 

Which track is right for you?

In addition to our Partner and Campus Competitions, LookUp is hosting an OPEN Virtual Competition with the aim of discovering student-designed solutions from all over the country.

Campus Competitions

We’ve partnered with Dartmouth, Chapman, and Columbia to discover student-designed solutions.

Virtual Competitions

Great ideas can come from anywhere in the country, so we’re seeking student-led proposals nation-wide.

Feature Competition

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Team Meeting

Winners of the 2020 StartUp Competitions developed innovative solutions to reverse the negative effects of digital overload to find greater tech-life balance and are operated by LookUp Incubator, Inc. a registered nonprofit corporation
pending 501(c)3 tax-exempt status - under the Fiscal Sponsorship of the Concord Carlisle Community Chest. 

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