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 LookUp Social Innovators and their game-changing solutions have the ability to shift social-norms away from an overly-curated and digitized "unreality" to a more authentic reality. 


Hunter Arbeeny

Stick to Reality

University of Arizona

Sara Badrani.jpg

Sara Badrani

Challenge Cookies

Sara is a philosophy major, and history minor at the University of San Diego. While she hopes to pursue a career in law, Sara is very interested in the prevalent issue of tech balance and hopes to find a solution that can be implemented around college campuses everywhere. 


Lidia Balanovich


Lidia is studying Cognitive Science and Human-Centered Design. at Dartmouth College. She loves working with and mentoring others in design thinking, serving as the Community Building Chair of the Dartmouth Design Collective, and working as a designer at the DALI Lab. 


Julia Cavallaro

Stick to Reality

Julia is from South Jersey and is currently attending the University of Arizona studying Public Management and Policy with a minor in Public Health. Julia is passionate about helping others and making a change in the world, which inspired her to choose her major and minor. 


Rachael Galindo

Stick to Reality

Rachael is majoring in Business Management at the University of Arizona. She's actively involved on campus as a 2nd-year member in Blue Chip Leadership, Professional Women in Business, and National Honors Society.  

Aadhya Kocha


Aadhya is a bubbly ’22 from Mumbai, India, studying Engineering, Computer Science and Human-Centered Design at Dartmouth College. While she is pursuing a tech-heavy field, she also wants to do her best to understand and improve people's tech-life balance. 

Jaime Ostler

Stick to Reality

Jaime is a born and raised Arizonian at the University of Arizona. He is a second-year Bluechip member who is pursuing a double major in Law and Public Policy with a minor in Spanish.  His ideal job would be working in environmental or immigration law.

Maxine Perroni-Scharf

Sleepy Pets

Maxine comes from the UK and is majoring in Math and Computer Science at Dartmouth College. In her spare time she enjoys playing the piano and pipe-organ, instructing ski class and singing with her acapella group, the Dartmouth Dodecaphonics.


Cassidy Ratzan

Stick to Reality

Cassidy majoring in Environmental Science at the University of Arizona and is a year-two Blue Chip Leadership Program member. She enjoys gardening, playing video games, being with friends, and singing in her free time. Volunteer work in any form that benefits her community is strived for. 


Eduardo San Juan


Eddie is majoring in Sociology and Psychology at the University of Arizona and is president of the Sociology Club.  In his spare time he enjoys meditating, rock climbing, skateboarding, UX/UI prototyping, and cooking.

Nikta Shahbaz

Challenge Cookies

Nikta graduated from the Univerisity of San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary humanities. She was founder and president of the Law, Ethics and Technology Club, and a Keck Fellow for undergraduate humanities research.  


Ahana Singh


Ahana is majoring in Pre-Business and ISTA at the University of Arizona , and is actively involved in leadership programs and case competitions in the Eller College of Management. Her other interests are dancing, baking and community service.


Chloe Son

Sleepy Pets

Chloe is a California-born Korean-American who spent a decade living in the capital of K-POP, K-dramas, and Gangnam style: Seoul, South Korea. A student of Computer Science and Digital Arts at Dartmouth, she is passionate about creating meaningful digital content for youth.  


Jesse VanNewkirk


Jesse is a sophomore at Dartmouth College with deep interest in human-centered-design. In his free time, he sings acapella with the Dodecaphonics, plays on the frisbee team, and works within the Dartmouth Design Collective.


Winston Wang

Sleepy Pets

Winston is from Shanghai, China majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science at Dartmouth College. He is interested in solving real-world problems such as phone addiction and, recently, pandemic control by combining technology and human-centered design.


Timothy Yang

Sleepy Pets

Timothy is studying Computer Science and Human-Centered Design at Dartmouth College -and aspires to bring delight to the world by solving people’s problems through technology and design. He spent his childhood in Taipei, Taiwan, high scool in Texas, and enjoys snowboarding and board games. 


Kate Yuan


Kate is a sophomore at Dartmouth College and enjoys studying Human-Centered Design and Public Policy. She enjoys writing for The Mirror (The Dartmouth’s magazine) and she is an active member of the Dartmouth Design Collective. In her free time, she loves going on hikes and exploring outdoors! and are operated by LookUp Incubator, Inc. a registered nonprofit corporation
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