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Our society is becoming more and more tech-dependent, and it's backfiring.

Now more than ever, we must accelerate the conversation around digital overload and social isolation, dual epidemics that are having a profound effect on student’s mental health and acuity – especially during COVID-19.

We're also deeply committed to supporting purpose-driven youth who demonstrate the positive use of technology - those leveraging digital platforms to advance social and environmental movements.

We are looking for exceptional social innovators and risk-takers courageous enough to solve for social isolation, digital overload, and digital activism.    

Stressed Man
Social isolation
Digital overload
Science and Technology Class
Digital activism

Winners participate in the LookUp Collaborative Summit and join our exclusive LookUp Lab, where - with guidance from world-class executive mentors - our Social Innovators will experiment, collaborate, and cultivate their ideas into game-changing solutions.

Not only will you have the chance to get your idea off the ground, you will gain the resources and skill set to leave an everlasting impact on the world around you.

Which track is right for you?

COVID-19 pushed far too many of our lives off-campus - so we're hosting a Virtual Campus Competition with the aim of discovering social innovators from around the country.

Campus Competitions

We’ve partnered with forward-thinking higher education institutions to discover student-designed solutions for tech-life balance.

Virtual Campus Competitions

Great ideas can come from anywhere in the country, so we’re seeking student-led proposals nation-wide.

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