Past Grant Winners

Challenge Cookies

This positive awareness campaign gives participants mini-challenges inside of a crunchy cookie, working as a perfect accompaniment to their next tech-life-balance event or social gathering. By using a tasty treat to deliver fun challenges, the Challenge Cookies campaign incentivizes people to re-evaluate their relationship with technology and consciously avoid overuse. 

Stick to Reality

The relationship between adolescent's mental health and technology often leads to feelings of negative self-worth, as social media distorts their perception of reality. This cause-marketing campaign uses stickers and popular collectibles to promote tech/life balance and raise awareness and funds for mental health on college campuses. Students create designs that act as reminders to spend less time on their phones and LookUp! 


Overuse of social media is a rampant issue among Gen Z, worsening the health of those already mentally ill. Nudge is a platform designed to effectively use mindfulness and meditation philosophy alongside metrics to curb device usage and encourage interaction with the physical environment. This app combines features of currently available apps but will offer a more cohesive, intuitive, and attractive platform to limit the negative effects of digital overload.

There is a harmful culture around productivity amongst college students, as they resist taking mental breaks, yet find themselves lost on social media platforms. Quell serves as a mediator between a user and their social media by giving users autonomy over how they interact with their apps. It is a reflective tool that makes people think about what they would rather be doing to be more productive, initiating a pop-up dialogue when social media apps are clicked.


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Sleepy Pets

College students are sleep-deprived due to their phone usage immediately before bedtime, affecting both their physical and mental health. To combat this, Sleepy Pets gives each user its own personalized digital sleep assistant pet. This app actively discourages users from interacting with their phones during bedtime by restricting phone functionality, allowing them to develop healthier phone and sleep habits. and are operated by LookUp Incubator, Inc. a registered nonprofit corporation
pending 501(c)3 tax-exempt status - under the Fiscal Sponsorship of the Concord Carlisle Community Chest. 

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