Our story and Mission


In 1997, when Susan Reynolds, a life-long educator and Co-Founder of LookUp.live, was the director of academic technology for an all-boys middle school, she witnessed the promise and peril of the internet and became deeply concerned about technology’s role in young lives.


After 22 impassioned-years working on digital wellbeing, mindfulness, and youth leadership, Susan came to an “aha” moment while waiting for a flight in Santa Barbara, CA. Nearly 100% of all solutions have been designed by adults. No one was asking the kids to come up with the solution. We do.  

Because youth agency is at the heart of our mission and programmatic DNA, we don't tell youth what to do,  we ask them. 


LookUp.live exists to improve youth mental health and wellbeing by empowering GenZ to reverse the negative effects of digital overload and addiction (less sleep, less focus, increased stress, increased anxiety, increased social isolation) find balance, and embrace “the humanness of things.”  

We're energized by and firmly believe that youth are the best source of game-changing solutions to shift social norms, so we’ve based our youth-centered model on three strategic pillars: Discover, Incubate, and  Amplify.

We’re listening, discovering and learning what works; funding and cultivating youth-led ideas; and, working together, amplifying their solutions around the world to help millions more find balance between their tech and real lives.

LookUp.live and LookUpChallenge.com are operated by LookUp Incubator, Inc. a registered nonprofit corporation
pending 501(c)3 tax exempt status.

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