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Our StartUp Competition is designed to find the most effective tech/life balance solutions from the individuals that understand the issues best: college students. This is your chance to positively impact the lives of many people just like you.

No doubt about it – tech plays an important role in our lives. Yet society is becoming more and more dependent, and it's backfiring.

We must accelerate the conversation around digital overload & social isolation, dual epidemics having a profound effect on university student’s mental health and acuity – especially during COVID-19.

Society is also becoming more polarized and negative. We must support youth who use tech positively to advance social change through digital activism and citizenship.

Who: Students currently enrolled in US Higher Education
How: Virtual Grant Competition - Apply online
Solve: Social Isolation, Digital Overload, Digital Activism
What: Campaigns, Apps, Products, Exhibits, Films, etc
When: 2020/2021 School Year

Kick-Off Session (optional) 10/14
Grant Applications due 11/15
Finalist interviews 12/4-12/12
Winners notified 12/17
Collaborative Summit 1/9
Leadership Lab 1/10 - 6/30

Learn more: www.LookUp.live/startup
Now more than ever, we need solutions from youth across the nation!

Please find social media posts and sample emails to share our Virtual Campus Competition with your students here!

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