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LookUp works side by side with innovative young adults creating solutions to tech/life balance across a broad spectrum of needs, interests and engagement models

Some examples of solutions they're building and their thoughts on why.


Innovators create the ideas, initiatives, programs, startups to be built out, piloted and launched into the market

Juliet Gildehaus

I created the MindWell Club at Andover that has mission to create and share fun new ways to live more mindfully in the digital-age by being intentional in our usage of technology and bringing awareness to the topic of digital wellness."

Philips Andover Academy '20

Founder of MindWell Club

Andreas Louskos

When I study, I now turn off my phone, put it in my backpack and print everything. No distractions makes me more zoned into my work

Dartmouth College '21

Philanthropy Chairman

Scarlett Hall Fraternity

Siddhi Upadhyaya

My realization of the harmful effects of social media inspired me to create the Reconnect Project.  Aimed at reviving manual skills like writing and drawing and raising awareness around digital mindfulness.


Cal Polytech '23

Communications Intern,
Digital Wellness Collective

Liana Pavane

“I love when the people who are most reluctant to give up their phone at TTYL are the ones who walk out without it. People make new friends at every event, proving that we all need to put down our phones and make connections more often” 

Founder of TTYL

Ithaca College '17

Sanat Mohaptra

"I am creating an anonymous, mental health peer support mobile application to provide college students with a digital space where they can truly express themselves." 


Dartmouth College '20

Founder of Unmasked

Thought Leaders

Our members author articles, opinion pieces, blogs,
vlogs and speaking engagements.

Sammi Sontag

Margaret Werner

“"As a digital media consultant  I want to ensure my clients inhabit a positive space on social media platforms. I am participating in the LookUp Challenge to critically evaluate how I engage with technology and social media"

Amherst College '21

Mindhood Ambassador

India Nelson

"We need to examine not only our individual relationships with technology, but also our collective relationships. Conversations need to be had, social norms need to be established, and we all need to reflect on our responsibilities".   

Dartmouth '20

Mindhood Ambassador:

When I explained one by one to my friends that I wanted phone conversations or in person coffee dates, not texts or “Snaps,” my friends began to comply.  And for the first time in a long time I felt connected.


University of Florida '19

Kojo Edzie

“It's important to remember that social media is essentially ESPN for your social life, and when you spend all your time watching other people’s Top Ten Plays it's easy to forget just how great your own life is”

Dartmouth ' 20

Diversity Chairman

Natalie Mendolia

“The small moments we share with each other, staying in the present, make such a difference, and I see those moments slipping away.”

Dartmouth '19

Mindhood Ambassador