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We're sparking a movement that empowers youth to reverse the negative effects of digital overload, find balance, and embrace the humanness of things.

COVID-19 is making it difficult to find tech/life balance. 

We've got a simple solution! 

LookUp Challenge-Week of Balance 

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Household Intentions Guide

More and More, We're Trading Real Life for Screen Life.

51% of teens now spend "virtually all their free time" on their phones. Young adults know its a problem and are seeking solutions.

Social Media is Here to Stay. Keeping it in Balance Can
Be Really Difficult.

LookUp is a resource to share ways to balance and capture the good parts of social media--and leave the noise behind you.

Who is's mission is to inspire youth to find balance between their tech and real lives, empower them to engage their peers and communities, and finally, through our virtual incubator, provide support to activate their solutions and initiatives with mentoring, scaffolding, and grants.


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