Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

  • At least one applicant must be enrolled in a higher-education institution located in the United States of America
  • International students must join a US-based team
  • At least two members of the team must be underclassmen to ensure that campus-focused initiatives are sustainably executed. Individual applicants must be an underclassman.
  • Campus competition applicants must be enrolled at one of our higher-education partner institutions (Dartmouth, Chapman, and Columbia). Please refer to the specific campus competition requirements for additional requirements.
  • Any student currently enrolled in a US higher-education institution can participate in the Virtual Campus Competition or The Social Dilemma Grant Competition
  • Individuals or teams may apply

Do I need a faculty adviser?

Yes. We want you to have as much support as possible. LookUp works closely with the lead applicant's school, which needs to be US-based. The lead applicant will need to list their faculty advisor's name and contact information on the application.

What are the amounts of each grant?

Grant values, in general, will range from $250 to $2,500. Campus competition may have different grant criteria and values. Please reference their websites for more information.

Do we need to submit a budget with my application?

Absolutely. All applicants must outline their estimated project budget and indicate how this grant will be applied to their budget in its first year.

Will you select multiple winning teams?

Yes. We will select multiple winning teams from the Virtual Competition, The Social Dilemma Competition, and Dartmouth College StartUp. One winning team will be selected from each of our campus partner organizations: 3-Day StartUp, Media Done Responsibly and Chapman University. While the total number of awards given will depend on the funding needs of the Finalists, we expect to award 10-12 teams with seed grants and spots in the LookUp Leadership Lab. The maximum grant award is $2,500. Some Campus Competitions may have their additional criteria. Please refer to your campus contact for additional instructions.

Can we use the grant money on anything we want?

No. All grant funds must be used to advance your team’s idea to its next stage. Examples of appropriate use of funds include: printing, design, market research, facility rentals, product development, etc. The funds are not for personal use and will not be approved for stipends.

How can we access the grant funds?

LookUp does not release grant funds to individuals for personal use. Grant funds will only be released through LookUp’s approved Academic partners. Clubs or Charters that have independent bank accounts will be considered. In some cases, LookUp will manage distribution of funds. In this case, LookUp will provide grant payment guidelines. Most grantees coordinate with their respective faculty adviser’s department to receive and manage the grant funds. This information must be provided to LookUp prior to receiving the grant agreement.

How can I learn more about the application process?

As all Competitions are being held virtually, the Campus, Virtual, and Social Dilemma Copmetition procecess are mostly the same. You can learn more on our website by visiting “What to Expect from the Application Process.” A live information session will be held on October 9th for those who register in advance. A recording of the information session will also be made available.

Is participation in the LookUp Collaborative Showcase required?

Yes. LookUp firmly believes in the power of collaboration, which is why our winning teams participate in this event. This is a chance for you to share your winning solution with your fellow Social Innovators, Executive Mentors, entrepreneurs, industry advisers, and LookUp's Board of Directors. The Showcase also plays a pivotal role in kicking-off the Leadership Lab, our experiental learning program, which is designed to help you develop into a confident leader of social change.

Is participation in the LookUp Leadership Lab required?

Absolutely! The LookUp Leadership Lab is a unique opportunity for you to bond and collaborate with your peer Social Innovators from around the world. Additionally, you will be guided by LookUp's Executive Mentors and Leadership Coaches who will not only help you further develop your product or campaign idea, they will expand your leadership toolkit so you can mobilize others for social change. We understand that some members of your StartUp Compeition team may not be able to continue with the program due to unknown circumstances. This is OK. LookUp’s leadership team and your mentor will guide you through the process of recruiting new team members - if needed.

Can I apply for more than one grant?

Yes. We recognize that applicants may have solutions for different problem areas. However, teams will only be awarded one grant. Applicants who have already won a grant may not apply for a second grant for the same solution. Those who previously applied and did not win are welcome to submit new or improved concepts.

Can I participate in both the Campus Competition and the Virtual Campus competition?

No. If you have access to a Campus Competition, then you must participate in your school’s competition. The only exception is if a competition takes place as part of a course in which you are not registered. If this is the case, then you may participate in the Virtual Competition.

Does it cost money to participate in the LookUp StartUp Competition?

It is free to participate in the LookUp StartUp Competition. You or your school will be accountable for any travel cost to the Collaborative Summit, but due to COVID-19, we do not expect any student travel during the 2020/2021 school year.

Where can I find resources to learn more about the issues and to further develop my idea?

It all depends on the specific issue area that you are choosing to address (e.g. social isolation, digital overload, ethical technology, or digital activism). We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite resources to get you going, which can be found on our Resource page.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you still have questions, send us an email to We're happy to help!

What is the Leadership Lab?

The Leadership Lab is a virtual experiential learning platform from which you will emerge with the knowledge and skills to lead and affect social change. You will: - join a community of like-minded change-agents, equally passionate about these issue - meet and learn from experienced leaders of social change, movements and enterprises - increase your self awareness of and strengthen social leadership skills - increase knowledge of social movement frameworks, strategies and tactics - be supported by professional mentors who will help you further develop your ideas and are operated by LookUp Incubator, Inc. a registered nonprofit corporation
pending 501(c)3 tax-exempt status - under the Fiscal Sponsorship of the Concord Carlisle Community Chest. 

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