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Meet the Team

Susan Reynolds, M. Ed

Co-founder & Board Chair

Susan Reynolds has over 20 years of experience in digital wellbeing, mindfulness and youth leadership. From 1985 to 2003, she was an Engish and social students teacher, curriculum developer, and first Director of Academic Technology at the Fenn School in Concord, MA. She taught her students to develop critical thinking and cooperative learning skills to be forward thinking citizens in the digital age. In 1997, she founded ABC Legacy with programming focused on harnessing the positive aspects of technology while mitigating the negative ones.


In 2017 she co-founded Mindhood, a program created to foster mindful communities on college campuses through digital wellness, mindfulness and face to face relationships. After a successful pilot at Dartmouth College, she broadened her mission to inspire youth to find balance between their real lives and technology as the Executive Director and co-founder of


Susan continues to teach, speak, lead workshops and facilitate panels to educate and empower Gen Z to find and implement their own solutions to the detrimental aspects of social media and digital distraction. As a speaker at conferences in Copenhagen, London, and Toronto, she's brought her mission to a global audience. She offers in-services, assemblies and conferences to education professionals.


Since graduating with a BA from Dartmouth College and M.Ed from Tufts University, Susan brings her commitment to inspiring youth to thrive through mindfulness as a certified yoga and .b Mindfulness for teens educator. She's volunteered for Yoga Reaches Out, TextLess Live More, and iBme Teen Mindfulness Retreats, and most uniquely when she taught yoga to 300 teen girls at a nunnery in Myanmar.

Kevin Wells

Co-founder & Strategic Adviser

Kevin Wells has 25+ years of experience in creative, marketing and strategy leadership in technologies ranging from AI to visual recognition, mobile telephony applications and software.


Early in his career, he was a founding Director at ZDNet leading interactive advertising creative, working with agencies and brands including Saatchi, Interpublic, HP, IBM, and others. While at Ziff he conceived and launched which rapidly became a $1B+ channel for the PC industry.


With three partners, he co-created a successful national weekly television program for CBS—"Wild Wild Web". This groundbreaking program highlighted the explosive growth of internet content featuring internationally known musical guests such as Aerosmith and  behind the scenes coverage of immersive events like Burning Man.


He co-founded several mobile technology firms working with mobile carriers such as Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, NTT DoCoMo, Verizon Wireless and others. Most recently, he co-founded AirFusion, an AI-based software platform for predictive analysis of drone-based industrial data.


Kevin is a father of seven children—four of whom are natural siblings born in Hungary he adopted in 1999. For the last 35 years he's been an active volunteer, counselor, and board advisor, for organizations including Boston Youth Foundation and currently serves as an advisor to Code for Life, a NYC-based organization providing technology instruction and life skills for at-risk middle school students in Harlem.

Kevin has spent decades studying and participating in the evolution of mobile technology and consumer engagement. He is committed to finding effective ways to address the screen time epidemic facing all age groups, but particularly young adults.

Julie Barrett O'Brien

Executive Director

In second grade, Julie came home from school with yet another note saying she had spoken out of turn. In her eyes, she was rightly sticking up for someone who she felt was being treated unfairly. Fortunately, she discovered how to turn that advocacy mindset into an asset, which she has since leveraged to champion positive social change for women, youth and vulnerable communities throughout the world.

Today, she helps nonprofit and business leaders strategize and build programs, campaigns and movements to achieve notable social impact goals. As a philanthropic architect, Julie is actively involved in the launch of and is the Founder of the Mother’s Day Fund, which provides scholarships and professional support to single moms looking to advance their careers.

From Kabul to California, Julie has drawn her inspiration from the very people she aims to serve. With her unwavering optimism and proven ability to mobilize people across sectors, she has advanced game-changing programs over the last decade. She built partnerships to help GE Healthcare expand its youth training and employment program into Africa. She untapped multimillion-dollar funding sources to protect adolescent girls from gender-based violence. She facilitated partnerships for a smart gaming company to give thousands of underprivileged youth in developing countries a radically different way to discover their talents and skills. And she helped her teenage son launch Play on For Africa, a nonprofit that used ultimate Frisbee to promote team spirit and gender equality to teens in Malawi.

Prior to joining the social sector, Julie led a multinational coffee and beverage business during which time her award-winning team drove category growth from $700 million to $1.2 billion. She also pioneered the company’s foray into sustainable coffee through which she became a global voice, convener, and advocate for shared value initiatives. Additionally, Julie has served on the Executive Leadership teams of two global health nonprofits, spanned a decade providing strategic counsel to Afghanistan’s Ministry of Health, and was a distinguished lecturer at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. She is a graduate of the University of San Diego and Harvard Kennedy School, and currently serves of the Board of the Concord Carlisle Community Chest and The Coffee Trust.

Special Thanks and Inspiration

    Lexi King-shaw

    Community Engagement Manager

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    LookUp.Live's mission to energize youth to find balance between tech and their real lives could not have happened without the pioneering work of Mindhood's co-founders Nancy Hamilton, M.Ed, MBA, and Lauree Eckler, MBA, who with Susan Reynolds, brought a vision to life.

    Mindhood, a grass roots student led movement at Dartmouth College, sought to build mindful college communities through digital wellness, mindfulness practices and face to face relationships. Based on the following article, Mindhood Comes to Dartmouth, we'd say it was a success!

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